The Recycle Club at DreamVille is a place where waste becomes valuable. The Recycle Club makes recycling fun and easy. Dispose your waste in exchange for Recycle Tokens. You can use these Recycle Tokens in the Recycle Shop to buy recycled goodies.

The Recycling Team has about 600 volunteers who are responsible for cleaning 1.2km2. They empty over 3 000 bins in the neighborhood and parking lots, 13 000 bins at Tomorrowland, 1 000 in the backstage area and over 1 800 bins at DreamVille. There are 70 volunteers carrying Recycle Backpacks to collect waste on the festival site and at DreamVille. The Camp2Camp Area of the Recycle Club invites all DreamVille guests to learn more about the initiative. 


Energy and water

By 2030 Love Tomorrow aims towards a 100% green energy plan. To achieve this, the grid system has been expanded, resulting in the elimination of all generators used to power the area around the Freedom Stage. Extensive measurements of involving energy took place in 2023 to expand the system even further in 2024.

To use as little water as possible, all sanitary systems are connected to gray water coming from ponds. Vacuum toilets and smart meters are installed on the festival site and at DreamVille to strategize our water use in the coming years. The goal is to have as much circular water use as possible. 



Take care of yourself and your friends. Relax with morning yoga at the Balance Area or get a workout in at The Gym at the Recovery Area. Be sure to drink enough water and eat healthy food. Detox with fruit juices at the Marketplace or Farmhouse.

Tomorrowland is a place where everyone should feel safe, welcome and comfortable. A place where no one should experience discrimination or harassment. Everyone should be able to be themselves and all are welcome, regardless of sex, gender, orientation, culture, religion, ethnicity or disability. The first aid staff is visible on site and there are several first aid stations at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. The Tomorrowland staff is alert to any problems and is there to help, not to judge. If things do go wrong, emergency services are available, no matter what. Take care of yourself and your friends. Be yourself. United We Care.

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