Opening Hours

Opening hours Tomorrowland

Weekend 1 Friday July 19 - Sunday July 21, 2024
Weekend 2 Friday July 26 - Sunday July 28, 2024


The opening hours of Tomorrowland are the same for each weekend:

Friday  12:00 - 01:00 Check-in until 22:00
Saturday  12:00 - 01:00 Check-in until 22:00
Sunday  12:00 - 00:00 Check-in until 21:00



(Re-)entrance policy


On Friday & Saturday, check-in is open until 22:00. Access will be denied after this time. 
On Sunday check-in closes at 21:00. Access will be denied after this time.


For safety reasons, after leaving Tomorrowland, you will not be able to re-enter on the same day, even if you have a Tomorrowland Bracelet for 3 days.

  • Tomorrowland Day Bracelet 
    No re-entry is possible. When leaving the site, a new entry ticket is needed for new access to the festival site. 
  • Tomorrowland Full Madness (Comfort) Bracelet
    Re-entry is only possible the following day. You cannot re-enter the festival site on the same day.
  • DreamVille Bracelet
    • From DreamVille to Tomorrowland: You can enter the festival site until two hours before closing. 
    • From Tomorrowland to DreamVille: For safety reasons, you can only re-enter DreamVille every day from 17:00. 

Important info 

  • Access will be denied after check-in hours, even if you have a valid Bracelet or ticket. ​
  • Access to Tomorrowland is only possible if you have a Tomorrowland ticket registered in your name. 



Opening hours DreamVille

Weekend 1 Thursday July 18 - Monday July 22, 2024
Weekend 2 Thursday July 25 - Monday July 29, 2024


  • Thursday: from 11:00 at both entrances
  • Friday: 24/24 at both entrances 
  • Saturday:
    • ​until 12:00 at both entrances
    • after 12:00 only at the Main DreamVille Entrance at Nachtegaalstraat
  • Sunday: No check-in possible 

Check-out is possible until Monday 12:00. Everyone must leave DreamVille before 12:00. No exceptions can be made.