Your Tomorrowland Bracelet

Tomorrowland Bracelet

You need a Tomorrowland Bracelet to access the Festival. The Main Buyer will receive their personal Tomorrowland Bracelet(s) at home; this reduces entrance queues and thus makes entry to Tomorrowland or DreamVille more convenient. These unique Bracelet(s) will be presented in a special Treasure Case.

If the organization cannot send you the Bracelet(s) due to incorrect data, as filled in during the registration/purchase, or if the postal service in your country is not able to deliver the package for any reason, the Treasure Case Fee will not be refunded.
It is not possible to send Bracelet(s) to a postbox address.


Treasure Case Fee

The ticket price does not include the Treasure Case Fee.

For each ticket you purchase, you will receive a unique Treasure Case, containing your Tomorrowland Bracelet, at home.

The Treasure Case Fee includes your Tomorrowland Bracelet, your Treasure Case and the shipping of both to your home address. Your Treasure Case Fee depends on your shipping address. The Treasure Case Fee is per person.


Treasure Case Fee Belgium € 13,50
Treasure Case Fee Europe € 19,50
Treasure Case Fee Worldwide € 27,00


Method of payment

Tomorrowland is a cashless festival and your Tomorrowland Bracelet will be your method of payment at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. Right before the festival, you will be able to charge your Bracelet with Pearls, Tomorrowland's very own currency. More info will be available around June.