Official Ticket Channels 

Authorized sales channels

Tomorrowland advises you to buy your tickets from the authorized sales channel, To access the ticket shop you need to be registered through a Tomorrowland Account. In the Tomorrowland Account, you can find your personal ticket link to the ticket shop. Tickets you have obtained otherwise (either through another channel or in a way that violates the general terms of sale) will be canceled. Do not buy your ticket through the secondary market. It may not be a legitimate ticket.

Confirmation mails are not valid tickets and will not give you access to the festival. You need to personalize your ticket(s) and activate your Tomorrowland Bracelet(s).

Please only order your tickets via the Official Ticket Channels listed below:

Secondary Market

There are people trying to sell (often fake) tickets on the internet, at a much higher price.

Be warned that, in accordance with Tomorrowland’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, it is not allowed to resell your ticket, unless through the official Exchange Desk. Every ticket is personal and every Bracelet has a unique bar or RFID code and will be scanned on entry to the festival. ID’s will be checked upon entering the festival site. The name on the ticket(s) or Bracelet(s) must match the name on your ID.

It is forbidden by Law to resell a ticket with profit (law of 30 July 2013 - fines up to 60.000 euros). These measures are taken to avoid visitors being confronted with excessive ticket prices or being denied access because of false tickets.

Tickets that have been resold illegitimately will be canceled, rendering them invalid, and access to the festival will be denied. Tomorrowland strongly advises against buying tickets via the secondary market as the validity of these tickets cannot be guaranteed and access to the festival may be denied.


If you notice any infringement or find websites or other channels offering Tomorrowland tickets at prices higher than the official ticket prices, please email: